Grand Master Solomon Pavlou

With more than 40 years of experience and an 8th Dan black belt by Kukkiwon, Grand Master Pavlou has achieved an exceptionally high level of skill. Grand Master Pavlou was awarded black belt status from the world renowned Grand Master Ki Chung Kim in 1980 and became one of his top tournament winners.

Having fought in more than 500 tournaments and trained students from ages 3 to 99, he is the creator of a highly motivating set of martial arts services that includes scoring systems and trophies. Grand Master Pavlou sincerely enjoys teaching young people and emphasizes respect for others, personal growth and the value of education. He is also a certified personal fitness instructor who also teaches kick-boxing.

After introducing Taekwondo to local schools, Grand Master Pavlou began organizing and sponsoring semi-annual tournaments that bring together participants from all over the USA and the Dominican Republic. He even organizes the food service for his events, using his restaurant experience! In recognition of his achievements, Grand Master Pavlou was inducted into the Taekwondo Hall of Fame in 2017.

Master Pavlou’s strong leadership has brought new recognition to the sport. While he continues to teach private lessons, he also enjoys spending time with his grandchildren and watching pro football.