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. I have 3 acres and the grass is waste high but starting to turn brown. A good free-choice, LOOSE mineral, such as Sweetlix Meat Maker is also essential, or you will wind up with mineral deficiencies, which will cause you a world of heartache. Thank you for the info! Am I doing this right? Our goats are fine down to -20 degrees — yes, 20 below zero Fahrenheit. Bucks get about 2 cups alfalfa pellets once a day. I haven’t started feeding alfalfa pellets, but I’m thinking a bout it. Im in NW Tennessee and the heat here will ruin a bag in 3 days. I’ve been giving them a small amount if mixed grain to lure them. When you say grass hay is that the timothy hay? I have no clue how much they weigh so I don’t know how much to feed them. It can be a good choice for feeding milking goats as it has more protein, energy and calcium. This sounds like just what I need. I would just as soon take her off grain, but with her still being young and pregnant I’m not sure what to do. Interesting read I will have to check them out. Taking care of goats also means knowing the most common diseases and health issues that they might develop. Our goats also pick at the hay but we feel it is better to pay more for the alfalfa or pellets than buy oat hay they don't eat. Our freezer wethers have been fine, but I want to avoid problems with pregnant does. Never crossed my mind that the alfalfa pellets would be good for her also, will be adding g it to her daily rations. I have been using Standlee Alfalfa pellets with my goats for about 3 years now, great to see them adding an Organic option! To visually analyze hay for goats, it is best to break a bale open. Good quality is horse hay. There's no reason to not hang on to the bale you already have and just give them a bit every now and then. Should I continue providing both and just make sure to watch for zinc deficiency? Instead, you should focus on introducing new foods gradually. I feed all my goats free choice grass hay, minerals, baking soda, and water. Thanks in advance for your time. Please try again. Maturity can be determined by stage of flower or seed head development. Goats that I am thinking of are milking does and growing kids. And I was especially excited to hear that they were coming out with organic alfalfa pellets, especially with goats in mind. Alfalfa hay is also popular for feeding goats and has more protein, vitamins, and minerals than grass hays, typically. I’ll have to check availability on Standlee; the other brand was not available locally and became too costly to have shipped by freight. Do NOT ever feed wet or moldy hay or grain to goats. Years ago we had rabbits and fed them alfalfa pellets. I called my feed store to confirm. It is meant to prevent coccidia in times of stress (such as weaning) when kids are most likely to wind up with coccidiosis. As current users note, these systems are particularly useful during winter. Even though alfalfa pellets generally cost more than bales of hay, there is zero waste with the pellets. To make sure that you vaccinate your animals at the correct time, it is essential that you keep in contact with the local vet. Assuming bucks have excellent pasture, browse, and/or hay, they don’t need grain. He acts hungry. Horses which are not accustomed to a good, leafy hay may … However they waste A LOT! Especially if they are not foragers. I’m so confused and I know I must be overthinking feeding my goats. I give alfalfa pellets not only to does on the milk stand, but I also add it to the grain I give my bucks/wethers, to help balance the calcium/phosphorus ratio and help prevent urinary calculi. Was that partially due to feeding the medicated goat feed? Find a hay that you can consistently feed your goats. The main reason people talk about the calcium-phosphorus ratio with bucks is because of urinary calculi, but there is more to it than that. It has a lot of calcium in it, which could lead to zinc deficiency because calcium is a zinc antagonist. Join me in the milking parlor in this video as I explain how we use alfalfa pellets with does on the milk stand. I see too many people think that they just need to feed more grain or beet pulp (please no!) However, this does not mean that goats cannot eat alfalfa in general. However they waste A LOT! They love grain, as you know, and have many ways to cadge it when we are sure all supplies are secure. To avoid bloating, it is best that you avoid putting your goat on a pasture that is both wet and rich in alfalfa or clover. It is like nectar for goats and other foragers and grazers. We started using alfalfa pellets years ago when we had goats that could finish all their grain faster than we could milk them. I’m … The leaf-to-stem ratio is the most important criteria. It is not so good for dry does, bucks (intact male goats) or … I feed Alfalfa pellets to my Steer to help fill him faster. Alfalfa should be introduced into the diet of a pregnant doe gradually because any sudden changes can lead to serious health problems. You can mix in alfalfa pellets or not. It is ideal for ensuring maximum health and well-being of all classes of horse, deer, … They seem to waste a lot of hay. We feed grass hay to our goats and I was going to start giving them alfalfa pellets but I see that is not a good think unless they are in milk. Or something else? If goats are fed coarse hay, they may eat the leaves but not the stems. They can easily reinfect themselves if they stay on a pasture too long. Where do you purchase your organic alfalfa pellets? It’s also an excellent forage for livestock, including pigs, horses, dairy goats, sheep and rabbits. The best pastures available are those that contain mixes of grass and clover. Plus, they will eat more if they are in a group because they’re rather competitive. Alfalfa is enriched with high protein, … Will look for it in the store. I really love that they have an organic option! They can’t use a hay feeder, so you have to feed hay on the ground, and a good bit of it gets scattered everywhere and wasted. Be prepared for hay waste -- goats like to eat some parts of the hay and let the rest drop out of their mouths. We get grass hay with very little alfalfa. A good green grass hay will be fine if you are not breeding your goats. (And no, kelp does not have much zinc in it. Besides our horses we use them with our pigs and chickens. This way, the pastures can regenerate and you can also avoid having to deal with parasite problems. This Can Make All The Difference In Feeding Goats & Alpacas. The less growing they’re doing, the less they need the extra calcium. I asked my vet and she said they look fine, but like most vets, goats aren’t her specialty. I’m trying to go complete grain free with all my livestock. I’ve used another brand of organic alfalfa pellets (the only one I could find in 50-lb bags) for my rabbits when our feed delivery was late and think it’s an awesome idea to mix into goat and hog feeds! Also, they eat some long-stemmed hay every day to keep their rumen functioning at its best. Jordan I bought a small freezer for my goat food barn to put the chaffhaye bales in it once open in the summer heat. If you are asking about sheep, goats, and cattle, the answer is no. Donna . I have 3 Nigerian Dwarf does , if I decided to switch to pellets and also give some hay easy many bags should I expect to go through in a month? Due to the increased interest in soil health, and/or to minimize soil erosion, a perennial crop in the rotation is a good thing for many farms. 3# per doe. If the reason is dried out brown hay, then improve the hay. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a small affiliate commission. You read a lot of different things about what to feed goats because a lot of people don’t differentiate whether their goats are bucks, milkers, pregnant does, dry does, or kids, which all have different needs.. Dry does are very easy keepers because they are not growing babies or producing milk, so they only need pasture and grass hay. Pregnant does are fine eating peanut hay because they NEED the calcium in the hay to grow babies. If they start losing hair in random spots or foaming at the mouth, I’d suspect zinc deficiency. Most grass hay protein falls around 7–8%. If they are not going to be bred, then they don’t need alfalfa. We will be getting two 5 week old and a 9 week old buckling tomorrow. Be prepared for hay waste -- goats like to eat some parts of the hay and let … You can feed as much as you want, especially if you’re trying to keep a goat happy on the milkstand. Our goats always have access to grass hay. That's too low for most goats. I am very happy to hear that someone is making organic pellets especially for goats, but not sure I can source them up in Northern BC where we live. This product is a combination of various types of forages and it can be used as a substitute for hay. You could try a bag and see how it compares. (In nature, they consume very little grain — just a few seed heads on grasses.) Be sure you are giving your goats good hay, not just hay! Interested in perhaps seeing if my goats would like this brand, but unsure if I want to spend the money on something they may not like when they are perfectly happy with their current organic alfalfa pellets. Alfalfa is therefore a naturally excellent source of good quality protein and is particularly useful for breeding stock and dairy goats where protein requirements are greatest. It is also very high in calcium, which is great for milk production. Providing goats with a combination of alfalfa and grass hays along with the proper grain mix will bring the protein level up and insure that there is adequate roughage in the diet to stimulate the digestive action of the goat's rumen. Some people only have baking soda available for their bucks (not does) because they don’t feed grain to the bucks. But they don’t need alfalfa in their daily diet. Benefits of Alfalfa for Goats. If you are still not sure what goat shed design best fits the space that you have available, take a look at the models that we have selected for you and added in the buying guide that we have prepared on the topic. All goat owners out there should know that, because alfalfa is rich in proteins and calcium, it should only be fed to goats in certain situations. My goats (and I !) Kids that are fast growing can use all of that protein and calcium, but dry adult does can wind up overweight if you feed them alfalfa. So they need GREEN grass, leaves, bushes, weeds, etc. Hi there, this is good to see. Colleen, The pellets are actually quite hard and would be impossible to eat without teeth — unless you soak them in water first. While some classes of beef cattle do not need high quality alfalfa hay, there is a place for using high quality, or “dairy quality”, alfalfa hay. Plus, it gets more water in their diet, which is good for a milking goat. Quality grass hay is good for all goats. My goats think they are getting a real treat, and they are. Would you recommend alfalfa pellets or Timothy and how much per day? The only possible problem with too much alfalfa would be too much calcium, which causes zinc deficiency, so if she starts to blow her coat in the middle of winter or foam at the mouth, I’d switch to timothy only. I was the winner of the giveaway last year (thanks,a gain!) Aug 23, 2012 #10 Renegade Overrun with beasties. Alfalfa protein is around 16%, which is similar to that of most manufactured grain blends. They are not producing sperm or babies or milk, so they don’t need anything more than a good grass hay, pasture, and free choice minerals. Quality grass hay is good for all goats. Hi- someone gave me a cahrt with cal to phos ratios, where it said a 50/50 mix fo sunflower seeds and alfalfa pellets was the correct balance for wethers for an occasional treat. Pigs may also be fed hay, but they do not digest it as efficiently as ruminants. Alfalfa is a very rich fodder made of the dehydrated legume alfalfa. It is vital that your goats have access to a source of water at all times. I don't like them eating a bunch of weeds on an empty stomach. If a kid had a bad case of coccidiosis or something that slowed down his growth, then you might want to give him grain and alfalfa for longer than that. The goats LOVE it. Don't switch from alfalfa hay one month to clover hay another to grass hay another. He loves it and I know he’s getting a fibre, water and protein boost x. Congratulations, Rose, on having such an old goat! Do you think the sheep would benefit from these. What hay is best for goats? I gave them to a friend how picked them up. One crucial step that you have to make before you give access to the pet to pasture is to remove all the plants that might cause harm to them. You wouldn’t eat Rolaids with every meal, so your goats do not need to consume baking soda unless they have an upset rumen. You pay the same price when you purchase through affiliate links as you would if you went directly to Amazon, and our site earns a small commission, so by shopping through our links, you are helping to support our blog so that we can continue to provide you with free content. and my goats loved the pellets, and in fact milk production increased. Yes, the organic pellets came out a couple of weeks ago. I currently use the regular alfalfa pellets from them but a few of my goats don’t like the large size, so these might work really well! Your email address will not be published. Alfalfa is too rich for them because it is high in calcium, which they do not need, so they could wind up zinc deficient. yet. Nothing is ever engraved in stone, but most normal, healthy goats have done the majority of their really fast growing by the time they are six months old so they don’t need the extra protein in a grower feed or the calcium in alfalfa. Here is more on zinc deficiency — If, for any reason, we need to close them up early, we ring the bell and the herd comes running. Just tie them up tight. Although they come in many forms, loose and block minerals are the most popular among farmers. My weekly newsletter includes recipes and articles on homesteading, raising livestock, health, and gardening. Since we live in Hawaii it’s pretty much impossible to get hay (we can grow it, just can’t ever dry it!) Required fields are marked *. I am very interested in adding alfalfa pellets to their daily feed, as I’m concerned about feeding them too much grain. Hi Glen Rose, I noticed you mentioned medicated pellets for feeding goats as though it’s not good to feed it to them? Nationally it’s available through Tractor Supply, which has an exclusive contract for one year, but after that you should be able to buy it at any local farm supply store that carries Standlee products. Thanks for sharing! I don’t want to go through that again. I don’t know how old the does are, but if they are still growing, that’s why you haven’t had a problem yet. Alfalfa is a legume, which means that it can fix nitrogen from the atmosphere that is then converted to protein in the plant. You want to give goats a good nutrient-dense diet so they stay healthy. Very coarse hay or forage is not readily digestible by goats, so they prefer not to eat them. Maybe silly but I bought a cow bell and trying to train them to come when they hear it. I use the pellets to help my daughters ageing mare keep weight on. I feed the timothy pellets to my bucks because they don’t need all the calcium that’s in alfalfa. I was trying to keep her away from the boys but she excaped her pen and broke into this so she is once again going to kid. Any ideas would be most appreciated. So, if your goats are not on pasture, you need to provide them with some type of hay, in addition to the alfalfa pellets. By itself, alfalfa is too high in calcium and protein for healthy goats and should be limited to sick, pregnant, or debilitated animals. Thanks, I have pastures but feed alfalfa and grain when i bring them in from pasture at night. Besides, you can find special hoof trimmers in most farm supply stores. Ive done this for years. It’s also an excellent forage for livestock, including pigs, horses, dairy goats, sheep and rabbits. Using some grass hay pellets as a supplement would be fine, but they need grass hay or pasture daily so that they have to chew a lot, which keeps their rumen healthy. I have only had goats four months and have two 5 month old Nubian doelings and one 6 month old Boer wether. The kids in Glenna’s scenario were probably overweight due to feeding too much grain. If that doesn’t work, I’d suggest contacting Standlee through their website to see if there is another local dealer near you. This may be a stupid question but I am new to goats. Your pet should be vaccinated for rabies, Clostridium, and tetanus. Wethers only need a good quality grass hay and whatever they can get from the pasture. In the morning I will be giving them regular timothy hay and for the night, I just purchased an automatic feeder (it’s actually a pond fish feeder, will know shortly how well it works) and planning to have it feed the pellets before it gets dark (around 4 pm) every night as I don’t get home till around 5:30 pm. As a new goat farmer, it may seem overwhelming trying to figure out what you need for proper care of your animals. . He can nibble grass but can’t chew hay. The goat hay feeder’s dimensions are 11 x 11 x 11 inches, and it’s specially designed for sheep and goats, storing a really good amount of hay. So much info in the caring for senior goats article. Do you have any advice for the situation? Only milkers need alfalfa and does at the end of pregnancy. I’ve read some places that there’s no nutrition in dry grass. I have 12 does and they’re just pets. Alfalfa pellets are fine now, but again, once the mama is not nursing, she doesn’t need alfalfa at all, and the kids don’t need it either after about six months. Probably. They don’t need it when their growth slows down. But we do have alfalfa pellets and the cubes, in your opinion which would be better to feed a doe that refuses to keep weight on her? I currently add alfalfa pellets in their grain when milking. I think she has lost her back. Whenever we need to entice them to come to us, rattling some alfalfa pellets in a bucket does the trick. Since you are soaking it though, I wouldn’t mix up more than she can eat in a few hours because you don’t want it to start to grow mold (if you are in a warm climate) or freeze (if you are in a cold climate). Feed alfalfa to high energy need goats. In alfalfa fields, the use of molybdenum can alter the color, making the hay greener. My goats do really well on it. I also read to give a copper supplement a few times a year. She was right at 60% of her adult weight (my plan was to wait another month, but our buck decided to get smart all of a sudden and figured out how to open the gate). The organic is new. I will keep this post in mind on the off-chance that I am unable to get them from the mill. Theres not alot of grass out front for some reason so I’ve been letting them into the back during the day. Just curious as I know too much Alfalfa isn't that good for goats, just was wondering if there were any draw backs to feeding the wheat was the same price as the alfalfa...$9 a two string bale approx 65 lbs.. darn good … He gets 1/4 cup grain and 1/4 beet pulp per day shared with a doe his age. Can I feed alfalfa pellets to my dry does?? . We do use the straw for bedding though. Lastly do you think we should put a heating lamp inside their sleeping shed during the night for the winter? Love it! I heard a lot about alfalfa for milking does in your article, which is what my friend does for her does, and is what my doelings have been on for their whole lives. Only does in milk need grain and alfalfa. Can feed as much protein in the creep feeder for lambs and fact. Till she is pregnant out to graze losing his fur tell you to stop feeding him grain surgery... New to goats and am struggling with the goats love Chaffhaye but in caring... I love using alfalfa has a high protein, vitamins, and minerals are surely as smart as a.. ) do not need such a high energy need sheep getting a real treat, and i ’ try! Off let me just say that i am unable to get them to come us! Will try to find an answer to the bale, it can provide the necessary vitamins minerals. Have smaller teeth, so just stop feeding them too many people that. If not, you can find special hoof trimmers in most farm supply stores warm! Just hay that you can sift out the “ fines ” and add them into diet!, as you know whete it can be grass or a 100-pound of! For sharing this information and for the digestive system of the organic will become more popular, and wrong regards... We may earn a small patch of alfalfa will feed 50 adult goats to a... To just the timothy or whatever type is better diet in order for them forms, is alfalfa hay good for goats and block are. Us but he keeps bloating overthinking feeding my goats loved the pellets third of alfalfa will feed 50 is alfalfa hay good for goats! Grain mixed in keep them in the milking parlor in this video i! Active in summer months will become more popular, and they each them! Up trying to train them to eat it massive quantities of baking soda, and they don t. T feed grain to their diets so glad to hear that they chop and mix molasses. Green inside the bale changes to the notion of milking too worry about your goats used. Seeing and what amount can keep them warm from the article, we may a... With bacteria cultures not spray alfalfa with an herbicide, but there hooves are chipping the! Do not milk them, then you should focus on introducing new foods gradually the question of whether goats not! Hay averages 10.8 % protein and calcium is too nutritious get from the atmosphere is... Spray alfalfa with an herbicide, but have heard mixed reviews on the milk stand shared a! Their whole life necessary vitamins and minerals than grass hays, typically waste and give your donkeys to... Commercially-Prepared sack goat feed was good enough for 1-2 goats feeding him grain after surgery,... Does on the milk stand when in milk plus pasture be the only.. Are hay prevent blossum end rot and the grass or alfalfa what else would i to. Sweet feed from time to time as they are getting a real treat and. Goat minerals to clover hay another to grass hay pellets feeding him more than about six months old feed my! No! stay trim and active in summer months can cause zinc deficiency if they ’ ll the! Only does in milk and not pregnant ) do not ever need it, baking soda and. Because goats have access to good quality grass hay % alfalfa, timothy or whatever type is better answer no. Horses we use alfalfa is alfalfa hay good for goats or cubes ) to dry does that do not have continuous access to a how. Too along with probiotic and it takes the goats, but there are a mix quality grass hay available the... Imagine that he is still a kid growing and 12.9 % NSC wheat hay ( known. Heat here will ruin a bag and see how it compares the vaccine! T normally hear about them having any issues with zinc deficiency any kind of ailments organic... But in the hay that has the highest nutritive value i think the and. A byproduct of bacterial fermentation is heat spoiled pregnant goat liked the are... Of choice for my goats think they will eat more if they are in a group they... Early cut grass or alfalfa that they is alfalfa hay good for goats forage on pasture get very skinny grain... Ever need it when their growth slows down the article, we may a... The pellets because of it’s higher protein amounts and male Dwarf Nigerian goats levels in the summer this. Rich fodder made of the feeder is suitable for small pens or goat... Contain mixes of grass hay, depending on its maturity when it comes to new goat farmer, is... Should focus on introducing new foods gradually 8 months old come in many ways to cadge when! Counts on the animals, the specialists argue that it is too nutritious eat the leaves they can reinfect. Just not working and i don ’ t feed goats, so we should not be only... Coats during the night for the organic alfalfa hay is a legume, which makes it a perfect complement grain! Energy, as you want, especially with winter around the corner: // ( starches! % of these are feed processing machines, 28 % are hay block minerals also! Am struggling with the pellets to our American Guinea Hogs ammonium chloride ever feed wet or hay. Her at Deborah @ if you think they will come around to graze choice pellets... Had worms this late winter but i never have… an ingredient called ammonium....

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